Thursday, 3 November 2016

Different Types Of Zippers

There are many different types of zippers. Metal zippers and plastic zippers. Some zippers make a statement and some zippers are meant to be invisible.

This article tells you all about the different types of zippers and there uses. Let’s get to it.

Different Zippers:

Invisible Zippers – These zippers have a secret. The teeth are actually hidden behind the tape. If you think about the clothing that would use something like this, skirt, dresses, and other designer clothes come to mind. The color of the tape is the same as the clothing itself, as well as the slider, which makes the zipper invisible because it is the same color. The invisible zipper has also been used for rescue services and the military. The speed of the zipper makes life a lot easier.

Coil Zippers – If you could sum up what zipper sells the most in the world, it would be the coil zipper. Coils are the track or teeth that the tab (slider) run up and down to open and close. All coils have two basic designs. the first design is spiral. The coils form a spiral with a cord running up and down the inner part of the coils. The other, “Ladder Form”. The primary material used to make these coils is polyester.

Metallic Zippers – Every pair of jean today either has or has heard of the metallic zipper. Just reading the name makes a picture of the zipper pop in your head. This zipper is different from a coil zipper. The difference is in the teeth. All the teeth are actually metal pieces that are formed to together on the tape to make a consistent interval between them. You may be asking what metals are used to make the metal zipper? The simple answer is all of them; Nickel, brass, aluminum is just a few. All the metals are made from flat wire. Since there are only a few companies that have the ability to make the wire, it is usually only used for expensive jeans.

Plastic-Molded Zippers – These zippers are copy cats. They look and act just like metal zippers except the teeth are plastic. Another difference that makes these zippers very desirable is the diversity. These plastic zippers can be made to fit any color where as metal zipper have to be painted.

Open-Ended Zippers – Jackets often use this zipper. The “box and pin” mechanism takes the two sides and locks them into place. These zippers can be made out of any of the zipper types discussed here.

Closed-Ended Zippers – These zippers are used primarily in luggage. It works well because they close the bag on both ends keeping the things inside.

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