Thursday, 3 November 2016

Zipper Parts for Quick Fixes and Easy Repairs

It’s going to happen… They will break. Zippers are an amazing thing that most of us don’t pay any attention to — until they get stuck. We use the zippers every single day on jackets, coats, jeans, dresses, coats, bags, slacks, pants, work clothes, skirts, backpacks, purses, handbags, pocketbooks, laptop cases, boots, and more. They are bound to break, fail, or maybe they just won’t zip. If the zipper gets separated, split, stuck, caught, or detached it can be very annoying so you need to be prepared.

Because of our site How To Fix A Broken Zipper, now you know how and when to make necessary repairs to your favorite items and apparel, and not let a tiny little zipper keep you from enjoying your stuff. But to be prepared it makes sense to have some zipper parts ready for any emergency zipper situation that might arise.


There are zipper supplies specifically made for clothing, and others for more heavy-duty use such as tents and sleeping bags. Be sure to get the kind that you need, or get them all to be prepared for any broken zipper in your household.

Here’s what you need for zipper parts for a simple home repair kit:

1. Assorted weights and types of sliders and stops for a wide range of fixes. Replacing the slider very often is a great way to save time and money, especially if the rest of the zipper is fine. Some of these kits have the heavier quality YKK zippers, which might be an exact copy to replace the original on your clothing.

2. To make a zipper, you can buy zippers on a roll — usually three yards — in various colors. If you make pillows, home items, jackets, vests, or other items — you’ll be glad to always have a roll of heavy duty zipper reel on hand.

3. You can buy the zipper pulls as separate kits. The click-on commercial repair kits snap permanently in place, so it’s good to have a few of these around for those items of clothing or whatever that lose their zipper pulls altogether.

4. Zipper pulls are also available in oversized cord, ring-shaped, or loop versions which is great for heavy jackets, coats, or sleeping bags. Who wants to remove their gloves in winter just to zip up a coat? Some of these zipper pulls don’t replace the original but rather loop into what’s there to make it faster to open or close – or just simpler to open if you have big hands, arthritis, or whatever.

For those who are ready to fully replace a zipper if they need too — it’s best to have several full replacement zippers and zipper tapes on hand. There are many different styles of zipper tapes you might need. Consider a 100% polyester zipper tape used in ski pants, parkas, and winter coats – with a molded polyester zipper with polyester teeth that won’t freeze or corrode in inclement weather. Or maybe you need a sheer zipper with knitted tape and a very small flexible coil of teeth to use with taffeta, satin, silk, for seamed and bodice-style tops, or bustiers. Or maybe you just need to replace a zipper in your favorite denim jeans — those are easily cut to size.

Always be prepared with zipper parts, or complete zipper emergency replacement kits for the next time your zipper is broken. They are inexpensive, and will save you a trip to the seamstress.

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